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5 Things That Surprised Me In Germany

Maybe you have heard about the culture-shock before. It can happen to anyone in any country in the whole world. Sometimes you don’t even have to go to another country to have a culture shock. Sometimes moving to a different part of your country causes you to have culture shock.

When I moved to Germany, I have heard about things about this European country. Some were positive, some were negative but I didn’t want them to affect me because I wanted to have my own thoughts about Germany through my own journey. So here I listed 5 things that surprised me and sometimes even culture-shocked me!


  1. Germans are not cold at all

    Yes, you heard me! German people are actually pretty friendly. During my first months here I thought the opposite if I have to be honest. I felt bad from time to time, I thought they don’t like me or don’t want to accept me. But after a while, when I started to start the conversation and didn’t wait for them to start talking to me, I noticed that they are just respectful of others’ personal space. Even the ones that you know sometimes oversee you because they thought they could disturb you. And sometimes they are just unsure about what to say because you are from a different country and they just don’t know what is polite and what is impolite to say to you. So if you are a friendly /an extrovert person, I recommend you definitely to be the one to start the conversation.

  2. Germans eat other things than potatoes

    They have a very delicious kitchen. They eat potatoes a lot, that is a fact. They can create wonders with potatoes and sometimes you don’t even notice that the thing you have just eaten was made from potatoes. But they eat other things too. For example, Spätzle is one of my favorite dishes in Germany. You can also find any kinds of meat here and the sauces they put over the meat is also delicious. They have amazing cakes too that I can’t get enough of them!!!

  3. No animals on the street

    This is one of the most surprising things in Germany. Turkey is famous for its street cats. I have no idea how many times a street dog chased me in the middle of the city center. But in Germany, they are all under the responsibility of the government. If you want to adopt an animal you can go to the animal shelters. And also if you go for a walk with your pet you should carry some bags with you in case your pet poops on the street so that you can clean the street.

  4.   Oktoberfest takes place in September

    Interestingly the famous Oktoberfest doesn’t take place in October. Because of the cold weather in October, this traditional festival takes place on around the 15th of September and ends on the 1st of October since 1872. So if you are planning to attend this beer festival, don’t make plans for the 10th month of the year.

  5. No shoppings on Sundays

    No no not like that, but Sundays are the official rest days for Germans. You can’t find an open store on Sundays. Only some bakeries and restaurants are open on the last day of the week. That’s why there are mostly long lines at the supermarkets on Saturday evenings.




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