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Say Hello To The First H&M Café In Germany!

After the H&M Cafés in Sweden and England, now it is time to welcome Germany’s first H&M Café!

Germany’s cutest city Heidelberg is now the hometown for the H&M Lab Café. You can see this hip café right on the corner of the main street (Hauptstraße 12) located at the H&M Store. It was opened in September 2019 but because of the pandemic, they had to close the café for a while. Now they came back and they are welcoming the fashion-lover guests of Heidelberg.

After a tiring shopping tour in the Swedish fashion brand H&M, you can take a break on the second floor of the store and drink a cup of coffee or tea, or you can eat a healthy bowl.

At the entrance of the café, you can see a small selection of H&M-Home kitchen collection. When you look at the walls, you can see some pieces of information and statistics about coffee consumption in Germany. Cute pillows and green plants are decorating the café and guests can sit on the wooden benches. There are small round tables to eat or drink something. When you sit on the benches, you look directly into the H&M shopping area.

Despite the smallness of this café, there are surprisingly many different dishes on the menu. Prices are kind of under the average and the food is really delicious. If we take a look at the menu and the prices:

  • Wraps: from €3,45
  • Salad & Bowl: each  €5,90
  • Lemonade: €3,50
  • Coffee: from €2,50

We are actually quite used to see fashion brands opening cafés or restaurants nowadays. For example Jacquemus with his Café Citron Jacquemus et Kaspia in Paris, Emporio Armani Caffè & Ristorante from Emporio Armani, Café-Restaurant from Ralph Lauren… Will we be seeing more examples like them? Time will definitely show us if it is yes or not.

You can visit H&M Lab Café from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Saturday on Hauptstraße 12, 69117 Heidelberg, Germany.

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