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My Top 5 Application Recommendations

Hey everyone! Today I want to share with you my favorite apps of all time!

Life can be stressful from time to time and it is not always easy to keep things in mind or focus on things easily, having a perfect sleep, etc. I did prefer to be organized in old school ways, like notebooks, colorful pencils but in the end, there were not enough pages on the notebook to find all the categories that I wanted to keep track of my life. That’s why I started using different apps but I still do use my notebook at the same time. If you also want to become more organized in mind by leaving the main job to the apps, keep reading!


1. Todoist

Todoist is one of my favorite to-do list app. I like writing things down on a list before I start to do them and scratch them out after finishing my list items. But you need to prioritize things or give them a deadline before you write them down. Sometimes you even want to share them with your team members or with your loved ones to be able to do them together. Todoist allows you to apply all of the things above at the same time. If you feel a bit more relieved when you scratch things out after you are done with them, you should definitely think about downloading Todoist.


2. Toggl

While you are working on your checklist items, you also might want to track your time. It is especially important if you have lots of things to do but very limited time to do all of them. Toggl allows you to separate your to-do’s into different titles and mark them with different colors. You can also use the Pomodoro Technique with this app.


3. Trello

Trello is a planning app. You can create different tasks, add different users to your tasks, create deadlines and to-do lists, share links, etc. Briefly, you can do almost anything that you need for good planning. I use Trello for the planning of my blog to be able to write my post ideas down, track the posts that are writing in progress, and so on.


4. Tiny Scanner

This one is my new discovery. A new lifestyle brings new needs. The new lifestyle is the coronavirus in this case. Because of the pandemic, all the classes and the exams are online right now. That means that we need to write our assignments or our answers to the exam questions on a piece of paper. As I don’t have a scanner, I was a bit stressed out, because we need to take the pictures of our answers and add them together in one pdf-document, at the same time this document shouldn’t be bigger than 5 MB, which is pretty stressful during an exam to do all of them only in a couple of minutes. But then I found this app, Tiny Scanner, and I am not worried anymore. Tiny Scanner adds all the pictures you have taken together and makes it look like a scanned file, also the best part of this app is, the file that you have as a result has a really small size.


5. Anki

As I mentioned about the university, we all do have sometimes the lectures that we have to just memorize. That’s why the good old pal flashcard method is really helpful. But the only problem is, we might not want to waste all of these paper pieces because of the natural ethics, or we might not want to carry these cards with us all the time. That’s why an app that helps us to create so many flashcards as we want is a great deal. The best part of Anki is that this app is customizable. You can create front and back cards, some blanks in a sentence, add photos (which makes language learning so much easier), or add footnotes to your cards. It also allows you to add a voice record to your flashcards. Anything you want from a flashcard app, you can find in Anki.

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