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Living In Kaiserslautern

Hello guys! Today I’m going to share with you what is it like to be living in Kaiserslautern. The idea came from the international department of my university. They asked me to share my experiences about living in Kaiserslautern and I took over their Instagram account to be able to share my experiences. Here, you can find a more detailed article about it.

I am living in my second apartment in Kaiserslautern. The first one was a shared flat for two. The location was really good but the flat was really old and wasn’t taken care of really. That’s why I decided to move out. Now I am living in the city center in a building which belongs to the university. This is not a dormitory as usual, but a home. I am sharing my flat with 3 others, one from Vietnam and two from Germany. We are two girls two boys here. I am really happy to live here because if there is any kind of problems, the Studierendenwerk takes care of it. We are not bothered by flat problems and can focus on our studies. But as a foreign student, we have some disadvantages from the locals here during the moving times. For example, I don’t have a driving license and my family is also not in Germany to help me during those times. That’s why there were some struggles during moving situations. I moved to Kaiserslautern all by myself with 3 luggage and two backpacks. Sitting alone at the train and trying to ignore the weird looks from others. Or when I needed something from IKEA, I had to carry them with the bus and it was quite hard. Thankfully I have my own family here which are my friends and they were so helpful during those times. We rented a truck to be able to bring all my stuff to my new apartment and Patrick drove it, some friends came to help me to move the furniture and they lend me some tools.

I think finding an apartment in Kaiserslautern is not a big problem like the other cities like Hamburg, Darmstadt, Mannheim, etc. And also the prices are really low compared again with those cities. Kaiserslautern is a perfect city for a student because everything is more affordable and it is a small city. We are not spending too much time on the road. We can also walk by foot anywhere we want in a maximum of 2 hours, which is a privilege. Busses are very often to the university, which is a plus for us because if we have an exam as students, we don’t have to get more stressed just by thinking about the bus schedule.

The uni-life here in Kaiserslautern is really optimal, especially for foreigners. The university staff is very friendly and helpful. For example, when I had my problems with my visa, as I mentioned in this article, they had so much tolerance to me and they made the whole situation really easy for me. Also, the percentage of foreign students is high here, which makes the integration easy for us because the people here got used to being with foreigners. It is a very important thing if you are going to study abroad. And we, as the students of the TU Kaiserslautern have so much luck, because the university has a campus. At some universities, the students must travel by train between two buildings for their classes. This should be huge stress in-between as some friends of mine explained to me, who are studying bigger cities like Munich or Hamburg.

At the university

Also, TU Kaiserslautern is located in a forest, and nature is amazing here. In summer we can lay down on the grass and enjoy the sun, which we don’t get so much in Germany because of the climate. In summer there are a lot of parties, activities, chill and grill options. We even have a talent show at our university! Everyone who wants to sing, dance, play guitar, etc. is welcomed! Life on campus is never boring. And during the winter, we are enjoying the beautiful snow and the calmness of it.

A picture from the talent show

The Mensa of the university is maybe the highlight of the campus. There are foods for everyone and the prices are really affordable. Besides the normal food sections, at the buffet, there are traditional foods from different countries every week. Sometimes we are enjoying Greek food, and sometimes Asian food, Mexican food. Such diversity!

The lectures in bachelor’s are in German. To be honest I struggled a lot. Even though I passed the German exam, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t have any problems. Besides the language barrier, I had to learn a lot of things in the German way. The system of the studies is a bit different than I got used to in Turkey. But now I am more comfortable with the lectures and understanding is not a big problem anymore. So if you have any struggles at the beginning, I recommend you to be patient. I know it is tough and needs mental strength but believe me, if you made it till here, you will make it to the end.

Let’s talk about what you can do during your free time in Kaiserslautern.
As I mentioned above, the campus of the university and actually also the whole city is located in the forest. During your spare time, you can go for a walk in the mother nature just like I do often. There is also a natural animal park in the forest so that you can see the animals in their wild nature for free and learn a lot from them. The Unisport of TU Kaiserslautern is a huge plus for this city. There are countless courses and many, many of them are for free for the students of the TU/HS Kaiserslautern.

There are indoor places where you can play 3D minigolf. I am not good at it and it goes so much on my nerves cause if you ask me, it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the ball to the hole. Anyways, maybe you are a good player I don’t know. There are different kinds of cinemas here in town. One is for art movies, two or three of them are for more popular movies but the thing you should be aware of it is in Germany, (or maybe only in Kaiserslautern), the movies are dubbed in German with English subtitles. It is pretty annoying for me because I got used to it to watch movies in their original languages. Because of the American base in Ramstein, there are enough Americans here, (yes, like the band Rammstein but with one m. The group is based in Munich but their name is coming from here. Also, Donald Trump‘s grandfather lived nearby Kaiserslautern.), that’s why there is a place called Landstuhl in Kaiserslautern, and there you can find a cinema which shows original sounded movies.

There is a football team called FCK. There are lots of matches during the year, if you are interested in football, you will like it here. Also 2 times a year, there are fairs in the city, you can enjoy the roller-coaster, luck-games and some local foods there. And of course the famous Christmas markets… I just love them!

With our semester-ticket (which is also our student-ID), we can travel to the cities in our region, but also to other regions for free. So that we can get the chance to discover Germany and get to know the culture closely. I do a lot of day trips, weekend trips in Germany and also to other countries. For me, traveling is the best part of being a foreign student in Germany.

Wine Parade in Neutstadt

The people in Kaiserslautern are also really open to foreigners and they are all very friendly. Many of them are interested in different cultures and sometimes being a foreigner is fun! Because they want to know your culture, as much as you want to get to know the German culture. It is a beautiful way to expand your boundaries and help others to expand theirs.

I don’t know if I will be staying here after my bachelor’s, I also don’t know in which country I will be living but as a student, I am glad to be here because life is easy and cheap in Kaiserslautern. I love my university, I love the opportunities it has and the open-minded people.

I hope you can find the right city to study and be as happy as I am here!



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