Sushi Night

Because of the quarantine, delivering food is also not a good idea. I want to be sure about the food that I eat especially during these hard times. But if there is one positive effect of this pandemic, besides nature is healing itself, now I have enough time to improve myself about the things that I always wanted to do. Trying to cook some different dishes, hearing some fashion podcasts that I can improve my knowledge are some of them.

Yesterday I made sushi for the first time. I bought a sushi kit from, which has basic ingredients in the box. I only needed to buy salmon. Cucumber, avocado, etc. I already had in my fridge. To be honest, I expected it could be harder but it is actually really okay to roll sushi.

If I have to give some beginner tips:

  1. You need a good knife to cut the maki rolls and the knife should be wet a little.
  2. The second tip is DO NOT put so much rice in the seaweed, it does not go well during the rolling, at all…
ITA-SAN Sushi Set from
I also bought some seaweed salad. It is a 500 gr packet and a grown-up person should eat only 10 gr per day, according to the warning on the packet. It seemed a little less to me so I ate like, well, let’s say a couple of ten grams more.

It is delicious.


I cooked the rice with special rice vinegar, sliced the cucumber, avocado and the fish. I also used a can of tuna. You see a tube of wasabi right there. I hate wasabi.


Please, please don’t forget to add some cream cheese. It goes really well with sushi maki!


Am rollin, they hatin 🎶

I also did some sushi nigri with the nigri set. Believe me, it is the easiest.


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