Patrick has always been the more creative one. He can paint and his photoshop skills have really improved. When he combines his skills with his creativity he can create things that I can’t even dream of. For example, one month after our relationship begins, he made me a calendar with our photos on it. He also marked the birthday dates of his relatives and some other important days in Germany so that I could have an opinion about them. Now creating calendars for every year is his tradition.

Then he painted his first oil painting. It is a red heart and he hid his fingerprint in it. He also painted Bosphorus for my mother’s birthday when he came to Turkey to meet my family for the first time.


We met at an international Christmas dinner at the university so that we also celebrate it every year and we are calling this very special day as an “international dinner day”. We are picking one country and eating its dishes on that day. Our first one was in an African restaurant and we got lucky for the second one, cause we were already in Paris and we could try some snails at a local French restaurant. Because of this special day, he gave me a notebook with a world map on it, and we decided to write every single international dinner day in this notebook.

Once he gave me a 2000 piece puzzle with our photos on it but till now we couldn’t have the time to start.

He is a mathematician so he likes statistics. The second birthday gift was a book with the statistics of our WhatsApp talks. And once he bought me a ukulele. To be honest I always wanted to play it but after a couple of times that I tried to play it, I stopped. But I promise someday I will be able to upload some videos of mine while I am playing the ukulele. I was mind blown for each of his gifts.

I was always the materialistic one, buying things from Amazon or shoes. and stuff. However, he prefers things which have more meanings than an Amazon Alexa device 😛
Because of that, I decided to make a customized Monopoly for his 25. birthday. It took 3 whole days but it totally worth it!

We both love traveling so we have been in a couple of places together and we already know the next station where we want to head to. That’s why I had enough material for cities to fit into Monopoly. I went to a second-hand shop and luckily could find an old Monopoly. I needed the original one so that I could measure the sizes of each box for the city names. A hard layer is a better choice to play on it and also the original one has play money, cards, etc. After I measured everything on the board, i decided to learn some photoshop. I downloaded Gimp and watched some tutorials. I named the cities with the places where we have been and want to go in the near future. Then created the property cards, both back, and front. Then I went to a copy shop and made them print. The colors also look pretty similar to the original one. Last but not least I glued them on the original layer. Voila!

Some call it Lovopoly but I feel cringy about nicknames or rename things that’s why I kept the name as it is.

Probably he knows already what to create for me next but I’m clueless. If you have any creative ideas for your loved ones, I’m open to any advice.

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